150 150 San Antonio Village

Board Meeting March 20, 2013


The Homeowners Association Meeting held on March 20, 2013 was called to order at 7:00pm by President Dawn Lucian. Present were Board Members Carey Rogers, Jeff Litherland, Bettina Johnson, Lynn Nichols; Manager Karel deVeer and no homeowners.

1. Minutes of the February 20, 2013 meeting were approved with corrections.

2. Financial Report

Income: #302 Interest Income is at 300% because our CDs have received an annual lump sum interest distribution.

Expenses: Capital Funds – #705 Capital Maintenance is at 25% as funds are generally not spent until spring. $9,000 in concrete repair work such as sidewalks has already been done and we have contracted out for about $3,500 in SAV-wide roof inspections including simple sealing and caulking, if bigger repair work is needed it will be billed separately.

Grounds/Landscaping – #401 Materials is reported at 57.7% but $10,000 in tree trimming has been completed.

Maintenance – #471 Pest Control is reported at 43% but two units @$1,500-$1,800 are scheduled to be tented.

In conclusion, the General Operations expenses remain within budget, and the SAV Capital Reserve funding is in line with projections.

3. No architectural change requests were received for this meeting.

4. No old business.

5. New business.

A letter was sent from the Board President, Dawn Lucian, to the County Public Works, the Flood Control District, the Fire Department and the County Sheriff’s Department regarding the lack of fire prevention maintenance of the property adjacent to SAV and the concern that transients are living in the area above Ygnacio Creek. We are awaiting a response.

Pool is open and heated.

Meeting adjourned at 7:24 p.m.

Respectfully submitted
Jeff Litherland