150 150 San Antonio Village

Board Meeting, February 21, 2024

Minutes for the San Antonio Village Homeowners’ Association Board of Directors
Monthly Meeting on February 21, 2024

The Board meeting was called to order by President Dawn Lucian at 7:00pm. Other Board members present were Diane Kirchner (Vice President), Mike Porter (Treasurer), Cindy Capra (Secretary) and Emilie Dressier (member at large). Also present were Daniel Ortiz (Manager) and 5 Owners.

1. A motion was made and seconded by Dawn Lucian and Mike Porter to approve the meeting minutes of prior homeowners’ meeting held on January 17, 2024 with the following clarification:
a. 3a-voting on next year’s fiscal budget will be held during the April meeting.
2. Financial Report:
a. As of January 31 fiscal year to date revenue actual is $404K on a budget of $412K. The variance is due to interest income not being realized yet.
b. The reserve is being allocated monthly to the reserve account – $133,350.
c. Administrative expenses are $152K compared to budget of $159K. The good news is that 2/15 is the beginning of a new year for the master insurance policy that only increased $50/month.
d. Grounds landscaping is $6k under budget.
e. Maintenance is $84k on a budget of $69k; overage mostly attributed to repairs and maintenance of carports for the year — which is now complete for this fiscal period.
f. Utilities-$111k on a budget of $104k (over by $6500) – water expense is main cause. Hopefully the rain fall will help with less irrigation over next few months.
g. Overall total expenses is over by $8k – all capital expense reflected in this financial statement will be moved to regular expenses; overall actual net is $21k short of budget fiscal year to date.

3. Manager’s Notes:
a. Recreation entry area bookend beams to be replaced on March 6 will take 3-4 weeks; closing down the pool area for that time for safety. Quote from AAA Development is $45K for all the repair work. The funding is currently coming from the reserves. Diane Kirchner feels the $45k should come out of operating expenses not reserve.
b. Toilets – Will phrase in a newsletter that all owners are encouraged to replace their toilets to a high efficiency model in order to contribute to water savings and minimize/manage unnecessary water usage.
c. ACH for HOA assessments online – Plan is to set up electronic process for owner’s to pay their HOA assessments via Pacific Western Bank; that money will then be transferred to Mechanics Bank. Homeowners will still have the option to handwrite a check – implementation goal date is July 1st. March/April Daniel will start getting information which will be sent to homeowners for set up.
d. Next set of units set for roof replacement is scheduled for the upcoming 3-4 weeks in March.

Meeting adjourned at 7:34pm

Respectfully submitted by Cindy Capra, Secretary