150 150 San Antonio Village

Board Meeting July 17, 2013


The Homeowners Association Meeting held on July 17, 2013 was called to order by 
President Dawn Lucian at 7:00 pm.

Present were Board Members Jeff Litherland, Lynn Nichols and Bettina Johnson.

1. Minutes of the June, 2013 meeting were approved.

2. Bettina Johnson, Treasurer, submitted the financial report.

No matter how much global currencies fluctuate or the Dow bounces up and down, the combination of Manager Karel de Veer’s professional skills and experience and our 30-year Capital Reserve Plan have maintained San Antonio Village’s finances in excellent condition, as usual.   We continue to be well capitalized so our physical plant is maintained in good condition.
Many thanks to the cooperative spirit of my fellow Board Members and the firm leadership of President Dawn Lucian.
As you can see from the July 2012 – June 2013 SAV financial statement our actual income was $605,419 and we spent $507,698 for a net income balance of $97,721.
However our 30-year plan projected income at $602,856 and spending at $537,137 for an anticipated net  balance of $65,719 needed to fund our Operations/Capital Maintenance budget. 
As a result we have a $32,002 net under budget balance partly because of $2,563 in higher interest income and $29,439 in lower that anticipated expenses. 
We will set aside $9,579 of this amount because we can delay the  start of a big residence trim painting project into the next fiscal year due a slower rate of deterioration than projected.  The last time this work was done, Tim and his crew went to considerable effort to use wood, which is much more durable (as compared to bondo), to replace dry rot and termite damage:  25-30% of our 75 buildings needed major work.  When the 2-man crew begins again it will take about 3 years to complete  the whole complex.
We will also set aside $3,800 for pest control to be spent at a later date.
 In conclusion we will add $65,719 plus $18,633 or $84,352 to our Capital Reserve fund! 
3. Architectural Change Requests

Mr. Tom Pace, the owner of 25-B North San Marcos Rd has requested permission to install an air-conditioning unit in front of his unit. The Board discussed the size of the unit and Mr. Pace told us he has been working with Sears to find out what he can install to air-condition the entire unit. Karel told us that Tim and he had already been working with Mr. Pace on the project. The Board voted to allow Mr. Pace permission to install the unit with Karel’s overseeing the project.
Since several homeowners are interested in air-conditioning their units, the Board 
agrees we should continue to monitor this project.
This precedent setting approval is for a (relatively) small unit with low sound and minimal visible installation apparatus, replacing non-operational water softener unit.  Specifics:  High Efficiency 16 Seer Air Conditioner, Environmentally Sound R-410A Refrigerant, Model CXA636GKA 3 ton 42,000 BTU, 28 1/2 x35 x 35.  Owners have consulted with their neighbors and interior ducting is routed through downstairs bedroom closet.

4. No Old Business

5. No New Business

Meeting was adjourned.