150 150 San Antonio Village

Board Meeting, November 16, 2016


The meeting was called to order at 7:10PM. In attendance were: Dawn Lucian, Bettina Johnson Lynn Nichols and Joel Naftali.

The Minutes for the October meeting were approved

Financial Report:
Treasurer Bettina Johnson reported our Total Income at 99.5% or $242,970. Expenses at 91.4% or $190,864.

Capital Fund: 401 Grounds/Landscaping at 53% or $6,410 reflects the slow pace of our lawn replacement drought resistance plantings which we expect to pick up now that Gennaro has recovered and returned to work. Yay.

High praise to Tim and Kent for the considerable and professional effort and aesthetically very pleasing result of planning and implementing the update of the area in front of the clubhouse/rec area.

Maintenance: 465 Repairs/Maintenance/Materials includes:
– an unexpected gas line repair/replacement,
– update of pool pump plumbing
– reconfiguring of plumbing related to increasing the efficiency of solar panels.

Utilities: 504: If draught continues a water rate increase is anticipated and a prohibition of water lawns.

The manager reported that the owners of 5066 A&M had requested that the Association take steps to assure that the tenants in 5066-B Calle allow their unit to be tented. The Board instructed the manager to have the Association attorney send a demand letter to the tenants.

The Board took under consideration a request from three owners to use the recreation room on a weekly basis for yoga. After a period of discussion, the Board agreed that they could use the room on a weekly basis between 9:00am and 4:00pm or could reserve it in the evening up to six times per year per resident.

The Board approved an architectural change from the owners of 5044-B Calle Real to install a new front door with small window.

The Board set Wednesday, December 7th as the date for the annual Holiday party.

Submitted by
Karel de Veer, Manager