150 150 San Antonio Village

Board Meeting, April 19, 2017

APRIL 19, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Dawn Lucian at 7PM. All members were in attendance.
The March minutes were approved.

Bettina Johnson’s TREASURER’S REPORT:

At the end of March, the ninth month of our SAV fiscal year, Total Income is at 99.3% or $545,583 and Total Expenses at 95.9% or $476,352, so we’re right on target to accomplish our operational goals. Regarding our Capital Maintenance Fund, we have a $16,539 balance beyond the target of $52,691 we have set aside to date.

Income – 302 Interest Income is at only $78. or 1.7% of an expected annual amount of $4,500, the final number of interest earned will appear in our year end statement.

Capital Fund – 705 Capital Maintenance has a balance of $8,491. mostly for a lighting update project which will change lights on timers to daylight sensors.

Grounds/Landscaping – 401 Grounds-Materials has a balance of $6,575 mostly because there are two planned drought replanting areas in Section3 still pending completion of design work and plant delivery.

Maintenance – 480 Vehicles has a balance of $12,502 because our 30 year plan provides for a 6 year replacement cycle, but while we recently replaced one van with a truck, the second van is still competently accomplishing its tasks of delivering green waste to our nearby recycling center…

Utilities – 504 Water has a balance of $4,990 because of RAIN! Yay!! Unfortunately SAV had a main water pipe break at night over this last weekend with the loss of a considerable amount of water.


The Board approved architectural request for 5044 Calle Real #13, to replace windows all around the unit. Trim will be the same as unit.

The Board also approved request for 5074 Calle Real #B: to expand entry stairs by one foot on either side; tile/stone to match 5078 #A and #B; replace security door and replace front door.


The Board discussed replacing light fixtures on the gates to something durable, but not so vulnerable.
Karel will try to get samples for us to choose from. Discussed LED lighting, as the Electric
Company subsidizes it.

The Association have had and will continue to have more pest fumigation because of rain…we will be over budget, after being behind other years.

The Association unit has been rented for $3,000/month.

We are irrigating now.

There was an early morning leak in the lawn outside the entrance to the Recreation Room.
We don’t know yet what the cost will be. However, Kent was right on the job and did a great job getting it fixed.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30.

Submitted by: Lynn Nichols, secretary