150 150 San Antonio Village

Board Meeting, November 15, 2017


Meeting was called to order by Dawn Lucian; in attendance were Peter Sturken and Lynn Nichols

Bettina Johnson’s Treasurer’s report:

At the end of October our SAV Total (Ordinary) Income is at 99.6% or $243,327 and our Other (Rental) Income is $12,000. Our Total Expenses are at 98.1% or $212,507 and there have been expenses to date in this fiscal year for our rental property.

There are no new budget explanations beyond what was reported at the end of September:
• Transfer fee income up due to property sales,
• Annual Association meeting and election expenses, plus advance federal tax payments,
• Late receipt of a Mesa Tree trimming bill,
• Higher than estimated water bill
For details refer to September 2017 minutes.

Lighting: We have received positive feedback on the new light fixtures installed at the three entrances to SAV. The Board agreed to continue upgrading lighting in other areas including the pool and carports over time. This discussion led to discussion of recent car thefts. They are happening occasionally; still only
affecting cars which are unlocked at night. Police seems to think they are coming from L. A.
We also discussed how to keep people from coming in. Do we want no trespassing signs?

Christmas Party: scheduled for December 6th. Dawn has bought new decorations for the
tables and requested help decorating that evening.

Awnings: decided to stay with our policy of no awnings and to request owners to remove
existing awnings.

Noise problem: Karel notified owners of what we have been doing in connection with their
complaints. Association has to deal with the owners, not with the tenants. Both owners reported
that it is much better (occasional problems, but better.) We reiterated no skate boarding is allowed
on Association property. Karel said the fine for violations is $50.00.

Kitchen: Owners are really liking the newly painted ceiling. Karel will bring us some samples of
Quartz and Corian and for the cabinets. We agreed we like the idea of interior barn doors for the closet storage area.
Also liked the idea of removing the upper cabinets in the kitchen as they are not being used.
We agreed the ceiling lights will remain and agreed we’d continue to work on the project.

Submitted by: Lynn Nichols, Secretary