150 150 San Antonio Village

Board Meeting, June 20, 2018


Lynn Nichols, Michael Porter and Bettina Johnson were in attendance. Lynn Nichols presided. Meeting was called to order at 7PM.

1: Bettina Johnson presented the Treasurer’s Report:

At the end of May 2018 our SAV total Income is $669,524. or 99.7% and our Other (condo rental) Income is at $33,000. or 100%. Total Expenses have been $585,467 or 94.9% and our Other Expense $639.

This means our Net Total Income by which we maintain our Capital Fund is at $116,418. or 132.9%. Our budgeted Net is $87,625. so we are $28,793 over though we still have June and outstanding bills to pay so we won’t have a final number probably until August.

There is otherwise nothing new of significance to report.
The Grounds/Landscaping 401-Grounds Materials $8,826. over budget still reflect the very belated Mesa Tree bill.

2: Manager’s report on plans for a possible remodel of sauna and dressing room area as an exercise room:

He met with an architect who will put together some drawings and a cost estimate. Karel will have the information for the Board at the next meeting. Rough cost estimate: $100,000.

3) 23 North San Marcos Rd. #A: Board approved owner’s request to replace existing sliding door with same dimensions and color to match windows.

5134 Calle Real #A: Board approved owner’s request to replace front door. A picture was attached and conformed with other new door installations.

5122 Calle Real #A: Owner wants to take down the back part of her backyard fence. The Board decided to table this request until members had a chance to view the property and discuss it at the next Board meeting.

4) The Board instructed manager to write a letter to the owner who has put up a shade covering over his patio.

5) The Board discussed re-roofing. It is budgeted for work to begin 4 or 5 years—last done in 1995. All roofs need to be done at the same time for efficiency and cost. There were questions about what solar regulations will require.

The Board adjourned at 7:40 for an executive session.

Submitted by: Lynn Nichols, Secretary