150 150 San Antonio Village

Board Meeting, July 24, 2019


Dawn Lucian (President), Lynn Nichols (Vice President), Mike Porter (Secretary), Bettina Johnson (Treasurer) and Chad Lindblad (Member at Large) were in attendance. Manager Karel de Veer and eight homeowners were also in attendance.

The meeting was called to order by Dawn Lucian at 7:00 P.M.

1) The minutes from the June 19, 2019 meeting were approved.

2) Financial Report: At the end of June 2019 our total income is $741,792 or 100.9% of our 2018-19 budget projection. Our total expenses are $655,182 or 90.7%. Our other/rental income is $36,000 or 100%.

3) Architectural Change Request: Board unanimously approved upgrade to existing windows and patio slider to dual-pane with tan trim to match building trim for 5074-B Calle Real. Large stairway window will be split vertically for ventilation. Vendor will be Bella View Windows.

4) Manager Karel de Veer has three bids for Recreation Room flooring. Board members have been asked to review flooring samples before a final decision is made. Recreation Room furniture has been ordered.

5) The two options for front door lights are on the San Antonio Village website. An architectural change form will be required for new front door lights.

6) The Board unanimously approved purchase of new carport and sidewalk lights. The new lights will be installed this Fall.

7) Manager Karel de Veer presented a form which was requested by our CPA to be signed by the Board President and Board Secretary. The form is titled Election Under Revenue Ruling 70-604. The form states: Resolved, that any excess of membership income over membership expenses for the year ended above, as defined in Internal Revenue Code Section 277, shall be applied towards the subsequent tax year’s member assessments, as permitted by Revenue Ruling 70-604.

8) The Board unanimously approved revisions to the San Antonio Village rules. The updated rules will be posted on the San Antonio Village website. The Board requested that Manager Karel de Veer send all residents a link to the updated rules with a summary of highlights of the rule revisions in the email.

9) Manager Karel de Veer reported on the status of roofing issues on a few units. There are a few roofs which continue to leak after multiple patch attempts. The next reroofing cycle is not for a few more years but Manager Karel De Veer recommended that some roofs be replaced in the next two years. It is more cost effective to reroof these units now instead of continuing to attempt to patch these roofs. The Board unanimously agreed to this recommendation.

10) A resident reported that former residents are using the pool. Former residents should not have keys to the pool. The pool key policy will be reviewed in 2020 before the Summer pool season.

11) Several residents have reported dogs in the pool area. No pets are allowed in the pool area at any time with the exception of certified guide dogs or dogs for the hearing impaired.

There will not be a Board meeting in August. The Annual meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 18, 2019 at 7:30 P.M.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 P.M.

Submitted by Mike Porter, Secretary