150 150 San Antonio Village

Board Meeting, January 18, 2023

Minutes for the San Antonio Village Owners’ Association Board of Directors
Monthly Meeting of January 18, 2023

The meeting was called to order by President Dawn Lucian at 7:00pm. Other Board members present were Diane Kirchner (Vice President), Mike Porter (Treasurer), Cindy Capra (Secretary) and Ken Masuda (member at large). Also present were Daniel Ortiz (Manager) and 5 homeowners.

1. The Board approved the minutes of November 16, 2022 Board Meeting (Diane Kirchner/Mike Porter).

2. Overview of Development Income/Expense, Budget, Management, Maintenance and Repair

A. Approximate YE 6/30/22 surplus is $61,000, based on end of year adjustments from CPA.
i. Ken Masuda suggested the money to be transferred to our capital reserves.
ii. Daniel Ortiz recommended the surplus be allocated to the roof reserve fund or a capital fund contingency (a reserve fund where monies are not dedicated for a specific project but can be reallocated by the Board as needed)
iii. Mike Porter said we have $10k already in an unassigned reserve and it was suggested the surplus be added to that.
iv. Ken Masuda would like to see enhancement to our existing structures instead of just maintaining them like creating easier street curbs for people to negotiate (strollers or those who have difficulty walking).
v. Daniel would like it clearly indicated that the unassigned reserves are just that, unassigned.
vi. Dawn Lucian moved that the savings from 2022 be moved into an unassigned reserve account. Ken Masuda seconded, all Board members approved.
B. Current Financial Report
i. Review of December financials, including a review of July 1 to December 31, 2022 (50% way fiscal year).
a) 6 months ended Dec 2022, we are $445K against plan of $449K revenue. When the CD matures the interest will show up as revenue.
b) 6 months ended Dec 2022 we are under budgeted expenses by $19K (actual $335K v. budgeted $354K).
c) The Capital Fund which includes capital maintenance (asphalt repair, key fobs, down payment on pool upgrade) and landscaping project is $111K on a budget of $109K, however only the deck expense is left to include; annual budget is approximately $175-$180k per Treasurer Mike Porter.
ii. The December 2022 financial report was approved by the Board (Diane Kirchner/Mike Porter).
C. Manager Notes:
I. Rec Room window tinting estimates and 3 estimates for roof replacements were received. Manager Daniel has also been in contact with contractor for solar power; information will go out to owners.
II. No reports of leaking roofs from the rains.
III. Home Ownership Change Update: 31B will close on the 20th of January 2023, 17B closed on 1/6/2023.
IV. All landscaping complete on side of office, easy to maintain and complete.
V. Economy Tree will be here in coming days. They will address the Eucalyptus Tree in section 2.
VI. Pine Trees with bark beetle that are a concern will be addressed/trimmed.
VII. Pool deck may start this Saturday 1/21/2023 – once complete, needs to dry for 5 days. Manager will let us know the timeline to reopen once it begins.
D. Pool Area and Rec Room Rules and Guidelines:
I. Current Rec Room reservations are on the calendar. Reservation time usage is exclusive to those making the reservations.
II. Reservations that include food will be required to pay a $25 check fee.
III. If Rec Room is not cleaned up and is found dirty by Manager or Kent a $100 fee will be assessed to the household using it.
IV. Goods Sold in Rec Room: It was agreed that we will charge 10% from people using room as a business.
V. All other rules are reasonable.
VI. Parking – asking anyone with large events to use Calle Real Road for guest parking.
VII. Safety and liability – It was agreed that persons aged 14-18 years can bring guests with them (3 per household), but if there is reported misbehaving we will speak with the parents, warn and then discipline if it happens again, including loss of pool and recreation room usage.

E. Rec Room Window Tinting:
I. Unclear how the window tinting of the Rec Room back window will affect the people in the pool because the tint will have a mirror from outside. 5% or 15% allowance of light in with black v. brown tint. 10 year warranty. Purpose of tinting is for diminishment of heat in the Rec Room taking into account the mirror effect from outside. The mirror effect allows the for heat mitigation.
II. All homeowners and Board members are encouraged to check out the options during the day to see which one is preferred.

3. Architectural Review: 5058A Calle Real
A. Personal contractor will install Milgard windows in the unit. 4 Skylights proposed as well. No problem with proposed changes to unit.
B. The proposed changes were approved by the Board (Dawn Lucian/Mike Porter).

4. General Discussion: what are rules re: construction inside the home?
A. Noisy construction is allowed M-F 8am to 5pm. No weekend noisy work.
B. Manager Daniel Ortiz said the understanding is normal business hours of construction if it causes noise. On the weekends he says be respectful. If Daniel is notified of noise/mess, etc. then he will speak with the homeowners.
C. Homeowner is concerned about the mess that the workers are leaving, like drywall foot prints on the asphalt, etc. and that it should be cleaned up daily.
D. Daniel indicated we are trying to encourage owners to increase the value of their condominiums by improving and upgrading.
E. Homeowner suggested perhaps the Association could get a discount on a large scale replacement of solar power. Another member suggested looking at solar for supplying electricity just to the recreational area separate from the one that heats the water – ultimately objective would be to get a negative charge monthly for electricity use.
F. Solar will be put on agenda for February meeting.

Meeting was adjourned 8:08pm

Submitted by Cindy Capra, Secretary