150 150 San Antonio Village

Board Meeting, February 15, 2023

Minutes for the San Antonio Village Owners’ Association Board of Directors
Monthly Meeting of February 15, 2023

The meeting was called to order by President Dawn Lucian at 7:00pm. Other board members present were Diane Kirchner (Vice President), Mike Porter (Treasurer), Cindy Capra (Secretary) and Ken Masuda (Member at Large). Also present were Daniel Ortiz (Manager) and 7 homeowners.

1. The Board (Diane/Ken) approved the minutes of January 18, 2023 with the following clarifications.
a. Pool area and Rec Room Rules Guidelines, note VII – Kids are allowed to bring 3 friends/guests with them – the same rules apply to underage children and adults.
b. Ken Masuda wanted to clarify that one suggestion for the use of the fiscal year 6/30/2022 surplus of $61,000 was as noted in previous minutes, clarifying that was not his only suggestion.

2. Overview of Assessments, Financial, Management, Maintenance, and Repair of Development.
a. Unit 41B sale closed at $950,000.
b. Insurance Costs — due to fire of unit (53B) in complex our master policy went up by $1800/month (15-17 ½%) and we lost the discount for no claims. We will need to wait another 3 years to get the other 15% discount back. This increase was effective February 2023.
c. Fiscal year is July 1 to June 30th; we will start working on budget in March 2023, Daniel will get an updated reserve study.
d. Late March, early April we’ll have a budget workshop to discuss needs. June 1st is target date for completion and Ownership receipt of budget.
e. Income right on target – difference is due to interest income.
f. Curbs, drainage systems and some other projects will be completed and booked in next few months.
g. Utilities – Gas under due to hot tub being down during repair of pool area.
h. The January 2023 financial report was approved by the board (Ken/Dawn)

3. Reserves Discussion:
a. $207K goes into reserves automatically each year; each unit contributes approximately $115/month.
b. Approximately $111,000 was spent out of reserves for pool area, deck, and a section of asphalt work.
c. $1.8 million currently in reserves.

4. Roofing – Est. $1.307 earmarked for roofs. Quality Roofing gave us the best estimate and seems to be the company with the best communication.
a. Roof composite and insulation materials were at the meeting. Insulation will be paid for by the homeowners if they want insulation; the shingle roofs are paid for by the complex.
b. Existing insulation can be kept but it might not be the new insulation that they are providing – with spacers to allow the heat to leave through the sides and not be trapped underneath the shingles.
c. 147/152 left to be re-roofed. In the meantime we have been lucky to have Kent repairing any leaking roofs in the meantime.
d. Questions: Is there a life difference between the presented styles of shingles? Presidential is 3x thicker, Pebble Creek has them now. If the life difference is big maybe the improvement is worth it.
e. It is not recommended to do insulation on only one side.
f. It is not necessary to put solar panels down at the same time as the new roof although stud marking would be possible and helpful at the same time
g. Solar Paneling – estimate around $30k to make it work which includes the battery. If board approves to allow solar paneling it would be the homeowners cost.

5. Review of home construction expectations – reiterated normal business hours 8-5pm, if work continues after hours should be light work. Weekends reasonable 9:30 or 10am, management policy would handle any complaints re: home improvement noise.
6. General: Most of the reserves are in CDs, some money markets, interest rates are 2-3% currently working on getting a higher interest rate. A homeowner suggested to get out now lose some interest but move to a higher interest bearing account.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:55pm

Respectfully submitted by Cindy Capra, Secretary