150 150 San Antonio Village

Board Meeting, October 18, 2023

Minutes for the San Antonio Village Owners’ Association Board of Directors
Monthly Meeting: October 18, 2023

The meeting was called to order by President Dawn Lucian at 7:00pm. Other board members present were Diane Kirchner (Vice President), Mike Porter (Treasurer), Cindy Capra (Secretary), and Emilie Dressaire (Member at Large). Also present were Daniel Ortiz and 6 homeowners.

1. Approval of minutes: A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes from the prior meeting held on July 19, 2023 (Mike/Dawn). The minutes were approved.

2. A motion was made to approve the officers for the new fiscal year by Mike/Diane. Approved by: Dawn Lucian (President); Diane Kirchner (Vice President); Mike Porter (Treasurer); Cindy Capra (Secretary); Emilie Dressaire (Member at Large).

3. Financials:

a. Copies of the June 2023 final financials will be distributed next Board Meeting for review.
b. The main difference in overall revenue for the New Year July 2023 through September 2023 ($168,697 actual v. $176,935 budget) is due to interest not being booked. It will be recorded when the CD matures; the discrepancy will go down over time. All other transactions are right in alignment with the budget.
c. The reserve allocation of $19,050 monthly is being separated on financials for a clearer understanding of operating funds.
d. Emilie made a motion to approve the minutes, Dawn seconded and the financials were approved.

4. Reserve Discussion:
a. Sealcoat project is budgeted in the reserve study every few years; however, it comes back to what our aesthetic standards are for the village – we are pushing it to next year because the condition is okay at this time overall.
b. Wading pool resurfacing and Deck-O-Seal in wading pool area needs to be redone. Estimated date will be Spring.
c. Sauna bathroom carpet has been replaced with flooring like in the recreation room.
d. Mailbox in section 1 is being replaced.
e. Operating budget will be used to trim liquidambar trees in section 1 and 2 – Palm tree in section 3 needs trimming as well.
f. Reminder that the bookend entryway beams need to be replaced in recreation area. Daniel is still looking for a contractor to give us a reasonable bid.

5. Off property owner Responsibilities and Expectations:
a. The more renters per unit affects water costs and HOA common area costs.
b. Intention is to make sure that every Owner has a stake in the village even if they are not here. Many owners are unaware of the HOA rules, homeowners are a bit disconnected, and with changing economy we need to engage the owners to have some controls. For example: smoke detectors, water pressure regulator checks, leaky toilets and sinks, etc.
c. It was suggested that we schedule an orientation for new tenants to review the understanding and expectations of the HOA — a friendly “expectations for residents” for all new tenants.
d. 35-40% of units are renter occupied.
e. Daniel with work with another owner to put together a “friendly expectations” in writing so that a new owner/tenant can review and understand the village community.

6. Discussion regarding the pool heating:
a. Pool discussion: Resident wants the temperature checked so that it is at least 82, possibly 84, but we need to check the solar panels and their functionality, make sure during the “pool season” that the pool is warm enough– is the regular heater for the pool working properly and efficiently. Equipment will be checked prior to next season.
b. Before April we will revisit discussion about the pool, temperature, usage and decide – February 2024 meeting will be scheduled. It was recommended that there should be research early this year regarding temperature recommendations, pool heating, etc.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05pm.

Respectfully submitted by Cindy Capra, Secretary