150 150 San Antonio Village

Board Meeting Oct. 21, 2009

Minutes of October 21, 2009

Board President Dawn Lucian called to order at 7:30 p.m the October 21, 2009 meeting
of the San Antonio Village Owners’ Association.  Present were Board members Peter
Sturken and Bettina Johnson, SAV Manager Karel de Veer and several homeowners.


Newly elected Board Members agreed to serve in the following positions for Fiscal Year
2009-2010:  Dawn Lucian – President, Peter Sturken – Vice President, Lynn Nichols –
Treasurer, Bettina Johnson – Member-at-Large and Architectural Review, Carey Rogers –


The minutes of the Annual Meeting of September 21, 2009 were reviewed and approve
with amended details from the President’s report.


Manager de Veer reported that the Association had completed the majority of the
three-year work cycle of the Capital Fund projects.  Most recently SAV staff completed
the repair of the wood trim and painting of the stucco of the last 4-5 units, and we had
contractors renew the asphalt or slurry seal all roads.

Two other unanticipated improvements required by government agencies and newly
promulgated regulations, not part of the budgeted Capital Fund, were also completed.
Due to new Goleta Water District requirements, we installed 20 backflow devices and
modify our entire water delivery system. The cost of this project was $26,000, but the
Association water bill has been lowered our bill by about $3,200 per year. Due to new
Federal regulations, the Association was also required to update pool and spa drains.
During the week-long project, the spa and pool deck were resurfaced

The manager also reported that the Association had received $800 for the 1978 Ford
maintenance vehicle through a California State “clunkers” program.


The owners of 5130-B requested a review of SAV policy prohibiting the installation of
patio awnings. The purpose for the request was to provide protection for pets from
inclement weather, with a quality, retractable product by Sunsetter in a stucco compatible
color. After some discussion of such considerations as wind resistance; durability; long
term inspection, maintenance or replacement responsibilities (i.e. owner, renter, SAV),
Board member Peter Sturken agreed to visit a current owner and provide feedback at our
next meeting.  A question was also raised regarding liability should an awning being
blown off by an unexpected high wind.


The Board asked for written job descriptions for both the Manager and Maintenance
Supervisor positions.

The Board approved the removal of two additional pine trees near 11-A and 53-A,
which are fire hazards, with replacement as appropriate.

Respectfully submitted,

Bettina Johnson for
Carey Rogers, Secretary