150 150 San Antonio Village

Board Meeting February 18, 2015


The Meeting was called to order at 7PM.

All Board members were present: Dawn Lucian, President; Peter Sturken, Vice-president; Lynn Nichols, Secretary; Bettina Johnson, Treasurer; and Joel Naftali, Member At Large. Also in attendance were about 15-20 homeowners.

1) The minutes for January were approved.


At the end of January we are just past the midpoint of our 2014-15 fiscal year and our actual numbers are right on target with our budget estimates.

Our Total Income of $383,996 is a slightly high 101.3% due to the sale of a truck, an insurance rebate, and fees charged for use of our Recreation Room.

Our Total Expenses of $445,874 are a slightly low 98.7% due to moving operational expenses to the Capital Maintenance Project as discussed last month; and because we•d bumped up our water usage projections because of the 3 years of drought, but 3-4 incidents of rain have reduced landscaping irrigation.

And speaking of water usage, you may remember that 18 month ago in 2013 SAV was overcharged $5,100 on one meter, which we protested and have refused to pay. Despite threats we have held the line for a year and a half and have now finally received a compromise settlement proposal which would lower the charge by $2,700 to $2,400. Manager de Veer will give the details of this matter under New Business.

3) NEW BUSINESS: Karel reviewed the overcharge matter and recommended that we accept the compromise settlement proposal from Goleta Water District of $2,400.00.

Dawn moved we accept that proposal and the Board approved unanimously.


We are in the process of amending the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. In 2011 we attempted to change the C, C and R’s in 2011 to set a specific time for rental periods of not less than 90 days. The change was approved by the majority of Owners however, in accordance with our CC&R’s, 75% of the Owners needed to approve. When the ballots were counted, 105 owners voted for the change; 13 opposed; but, the amendment failed to receive the needed 75% (114 yeses) to make the change.

The Board intends to reintroduce this same change in the CC&R’s in addition to some other changes recommended by our Attorney, Jim Smith, including provisions for rebuilding in the event of catastrophic damage to the units. Proposed changes would require owners to use any insurance funds to rebuild in such an event.

In addition, Jim recommended that the Association reduce the percentage of owners required to pass changes in the CC&R’s from 75% to 60%, more in line with more the recent CC&R’s being created for new developments.

At this point the discussion about the changes was opened to the owners. I have tried to summarize the comments.

We have recent owners who are renting their unit on a short term (daily) basis and are advertising this with VRBO and the UCSB community listing service limited to faculty and staff. The owner, Mr. Woodard, was present and provided the Board with copies of his proposal: Short Term Rental Analysis and Proposals Prepared for San Antonio Village Board of Directors Meeting 2/18/15, and was active in the discussion.

Historically, we have not had this situation before, per Karel, except two or three years ago for a period of about six weeks over the summer there was a unit being used for weekly rentals.

Residents expressed some of the following objections to short term rentals:

Robberies have occurred when we have outside contractors working in the complex.
Having strangers here for a few days at a time leads people to fear for safety and their property;
Since we are about 75% owner occupied and have a stable population we can watch out for each other;
Airbnb was mentioned and concerns that the unit could become a party house; Liability with people drinking at night in the pool/jacuzzi;
Part time rentals would take more of Karel and Tim’s time policing and enforcing rules;

Other owners questions:

We might want to visit family and rent for two weeks–would this restrict us?
I have family stay with me sometimes and I charge them rent. Would this
restrict me? No, because you are still living there as owner.

What about the value of our property? Would it be detrimental to it if we
allowed short-term rentals or more detrimental if we prevented this use
of the property?

Mr. Woodard expressed his intention to run this short-term rental in a responsible manner and detailed those intentions in his Rental Analysis and Proposals.

The Board agreed at the end of the meeting that we need more discussion on this matter and it was agreed to continue this discussion at our March 18, 2015. The meeting was adjourned at 8:15PM.

Respectfully submitted by: Lynn Nichols, Secretary