150 150 San Antonio Village

Board Meeting January 27, 2016


San Antonio Board Meeting Dawn Lucian, President, presided; Peter Sturken, Vice-President,Bettina Johnson,
Treasurer, Lynn Nichols, Secretary, were present.

Treasurer Bettina Johnson reported our Total Income at 99.4% or $323,524, and
our Total Expenses at 88.6% or $303,193, so we’re in our usual good shape.
As of the end of December there were are no new financial matters to mention
beyond those reported at our November meeting covering waiting for the next
insurance premium rate, the Recreation room’s roof repair, drought related
landscaping, pool maintenance, and hopes for El Nino precipitation.


1) The Association received a gas repair bill that Anderson Plumbing wants us to
pay. Anderson Plumbing hit a gas line while they were working on exterior main
water line. Anderson Plumbing claims it was the Association’s responsibility to
notify them that there were gas lines in the area. They feel that we were negligent
because Tim should have told them that there were gas lines in the area of the
work. But they still put water and gas in the same trench … so doesn’t make sense.
They shut down gas and called Gas Company to repair damage. The Gas
Company sent Anderson a bill (14 months later) for $1500. The Board authorized
Karel to talk with them again, let them know we do not feel it is our responsibility
to pay.

2) Roof leaks. Owners should call Karel if there is a problem. Roof repairs are not
a priority for the roofing company. We are doing the best we can.

3) Landscaping: Dwight is no longer working for SA V. Genaro is doing better
and is planning on coming back. Karel feels we can wait for him until May/June.

4) Karel has had a few complaints about the condition of our Rec room. Do we
need to update. Consensus was no, it is still okay for now.


1) Karel provided the San Antonio Village Recreation Room, Rules and
Reservation Information for our review. Item 11 clarifies: Use of pool facility,
spa, showers and sauna room are not part of the recreation room reservation.
Item 15: No kids’ party jumpers allowed.

2) Someone wants to have a karaoke party in the Rec room. The board
Approved it, provided they were cautioned about noise.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30.

Submitted by Lynn Nichols, Secretary