1200 801 San Antonio Village

San Antonio Village Pool Re-opening


Updated July 1, 2020

The HOA is managing the reopening of the pool, spa and entrance bathrooms. Rules and procedures are available to read or download as a PDF below, also accompanied by San Antonio Village’s “COVID-19 Release of Legal and Arbitration Covenants” waiver form — anyone who uses the pool, spa and adjacent bathrooms will directly agree to the conditions encapsulated by the agreement.

Just a reminder, this is a very unprecedented and temporary time in our culture and society. We will not be perfect at the beginning, but as the County (Rise Guide) and State (Resilience Roadmap) guide our procedures, we will adjust accordingly to make certain all of our pool-goers feel secure while enjoying SAV facilities.


Download Temporary Pool Procedures and Rules PDF

Download Pool Liability Memo PDF

San Antonio Village Temporary Pool Procedures and Rules

Please share and discuss with those in your unit: Any household that willfully and knowingly violates any rule or procedure herein, under the authority of the Board of Directors and SAV Management, shall lose pool and spa privileges until full access to the facilities is restored.

1. Temporary pool hours will be from 9:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.

2. Please shower before attending the pool.

3. Residents of different households may use the pool at the same time (June 12, 2020 County Order)

  • a. Up to 6 people who live in the same household/address
  • b. Only exception to this rule: young (12 and under) children or grandchildren who may temporarily live or stay with a resident of SAV
  • c. All children are required to be accompanied and controlled (for noise and safety) by their household adult (who assume responsibility for child’s well-being)
  • d. Guests are strictly prohibited at this phase of re-opening

4. San Antonio Village chairs will not be available. Please bring your own chair if required.

5. Pool toys are prohibited. Pool floats such as noodles or small floaties are permitted.

6. Please stay hydrated – feel free to bring water. For now, no food items.

7. The pool area will be monitored daily by the Board of Directors, SAV Management and members of the Pool Re-opening Task Force.

8. All hand railings and bathrooms (if used) will be wiped down by pool-goers in your 10 minutes allotted for cleaning and departing.

9. Recreation room and sauna room remain closed.

10. The Board of Directors reserve the right to close the pool area at any time.

11. Use of pool area is at your own risk. As noted in our pool signage, SAV does not have an active lifeguard presence. Individual adult swimmers are responsible for their personal safety.

12. All who use pool, spa and adjacent bathrooms are accepting the “COVID-19 RELEASE OF LEGAL AND ARBITRATION COVENANTS” memorandum (please see office to view a copy, if you haven’t already).

Thank you for your cooperation! We will keep you posted as the County loosens their guidance.